For some reasons Spotify removed, so I tried to create something similar to that.

The website is available on


J Date

A Powerful yet original Dart Jalali date and time library for developers.

Available on

It's a funny story actually, I started this project cause I thought that there isn't any Jalali date package. Anyhow the result is something great, and my friend Amirhossein help a lot it this project.


Twitter Bot

One of my friends suggested creating a twitter bot to gather all Persian computer-science related tweets in one place. The ultimate goal was to use the tweets to create a Persian labeled dataset. But it kinda failed because there was a lot of tweets and labeling them wasn't that easy 😞.


Metric Design Website

MetricDesign website was one of my first projects. It uses The Talos template, it has a dynamic gallery and uses Filerun for file management. Today it has some SEO issues, but in general, it's fine. One of the things that I learned from this project was the fact that refactoring and redesigning a website is so tedious if you don't use components. So I started learning React.